The MikroTik Hack is now 'Critical'

The new hacking technique has brought the ‘medium’ vulnerability into a ‘critical’ one. 

This new vulnerability allows the attackers to remotely execute code on affected devices and gain a root shell.   It also can steal administrator login credentials and then writes another file on the system to gain root shell access remotely.  This allows the attackers to deploy malware payloads or bypass firewall protections on the router.  

Winbox is impacted by this hack vulnerability.  Winbox is a management component for admins to set up their routers by using a Web- based interface.   


Most the vulnerabilities were patched well over a month ago but around 70 percent of the routers are still vulnerable to attack. 

If you own a MikroTik router and you did not heed the warning last time to update its RouterOs, you should do so immediately.  


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